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Truth? We don’t need no stinking. . .

December 2, 2016

If he’s the President it’s not illegal. If he’s the President, there can’t be a conflict of interest. If he’s the President, there can’t be any lies, because there isn’t any truth, because there aren’t any facts, because there can’t be any way of knowing . . . . No matter what a Republican says, it’s always “your word against mine.” It’s all opinion, one as good as another.

Except that a Republican president’s opinion is the same as truth.

Since Nixon, this has been the working assumption of Republican political discourse, and their major MO. Al Franken called them out for it, big-time, in Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them (2003). A Congressman from SC ensured re-election with a famous projection during a State of the Union Address. Rightwing propagandists are masters of reaching potential voters with lies presented as truth. Macedonian teens and Donald Trump can make a living in this market.

The first page of the Republican Lies episode of this novel is dated 8-16-12; it’s been followed by 71 more pages (although I skipped a bunch of opportunities, because I just couldn’t keep up).  You’ll recognize the characters.

Paraphrasing the Lion of the Senate:  When will the lying stop?

Oh, wait, it has stopped, because there can’t be lies anymore.

[Update 12-5-16:  That is, undermine possibility of truth = undermine poss of principled thought = undermine poss of community of consensus = undermine poss of democracy and legitimate democratic government/governance = all that remains is an Authoritarian.]

But there is still water, for a while at least:  support the Standing Rock Sioux.

Update 12-16-16:  How this systematic, strategic campaign of lying come into practice, and how it works.]

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