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Dreams 11-29-16

November 29, 2016

A large group of high school students whom I knew (I was an adult) were going to hold an “overnight” at my house. Two mothers were going to chaperone, to make sure that they didn’t tear the place up. Driving a very large limousine, like a truck, I went around town getting everybody. Then I had to find my way through the city streets [a frequent motif in my dreams, these nights] to my house. There was a lot of traffic, and often my sight was blocked by the crowd standing in my limousine. Sometimes the situation was dangerous, as when I had to make a left onto a busy street, without a traffic light. But we were lucky, and nobody hit us.

When we got to my house, there were two fathers there, who went through the entire place, grimly making sure that everything was in order. Then they left, the kids began to party, the two mothers sat down to play cards, and I went off to bed.

(Just before that dream, I had one that I don’t remember well. There was something about a special tree [also recurrent] on my land in the country, and I was cooperating with my neighbor to take care of the land and the tree. [During the afternoon I had looked at a photo of Bonnard’s last painting, “The Almond Tree in Flower.”])

{Support the Standing Rock Sioux.}

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