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Democratic Fascism – How Long?

November 26, 2016

If we give an Electoral College diploma to our first fascist president, unlike a Trump U diploma, ours will be worth big bucks to its recipient.  He’s already showing us how.

I think we’re showing that (1) the American democratic political system can produce a fascist government. But then (2) how long will a fascist American government be satisfied with a democratic system for gaining and keeping power?

(1) From the beginning our electoral system did not offer universal suffrage. It took a civil war to clear the way for suffrage of people of African American descent; and from the passage of that Amendment to the present, first the D Party and then the R systematically suppressed the AA vote. We have only recently approached a universal offering of the ballot (still not a Constitutionally guaranteed right), at a moment of major demographic change, and already the Rs are increasingly suppressing the vote of their opponents, through gerrymandering and a variety of legal and illegal impediments. Senatorial apportionment dilutes the power of individual voters in populous states; and the electoral college will now give the presidency to the candidate with (markedly) fewer votes, because of the geographic distribution of voters.

But (2) although we can have elections while sustaining a fascist Republican government, it will be a permanent minority government, probably opposed by a growing majority of voters (or at least potential voters). The demographic/geographic identity politics that has been cultivated by both parties has not served the country well, but it will produce a powerful opposition to the efforts of the Trump Republican administration to disempower every minority group, including young people, and including the gender majority, while not significantly re-empowering the white, small town, working class voters who have felt left behind—and whom T will leave farther behind. T/R governance will move to increase the power of the Wealth Elite, at the expense of everyone else.

And what if that opposition, within and outside of government, is sometimes bad for business, especially the Trump Family business?

How long can a fascist regime tolerate that majority opposition?

Furthermore, the American fascist government—i.e. a government owned by corporate-individual business interests and used as a tool for increasing corporate profits and individual wealth—will be operating within a globalized system of Monopoly capitalism. Monopolies do not tolerate competition.

So I’m thinking that unless we repudiate American fascism very soon, 2018 and no later than 2020, our democracy will rapidly evolve into something that is not democracy, as we have known it. For instance, we might keep the word, “democracy,” but rig the elections so that there can not really be competition. Elections can be privatized, run by a for-profit corporation as a government service to the masses, but accountable to the regime. After a brief period of that hoax, we can continue to hold a vote, but within only one party. At that point, why waste time, energy, and money on elections at all? Very inefficient.

And what if maintaining its power requires a fascist administration to use physical force against the citizenry?

This is not a dream.

{Support the Standing Rock Sioux.}

[Btw, Trump has invested at least a $million in the company that is building the Standing Rock pipeline.]

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