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November 25, 2016

People, Get Ready, there’s a train wreck comin’!

This is the big one. Take a look.

A narcissistic, fascist, businessman [and, frankly, the goofy, pitiable? family that he likely has thoroughly psychologically screwed over – just guessing] is trying to become the fascist Head of State of a democracy. The Old Guard of his party, as well as the opposition parties, are calling him on it. He’s going to have to show his hand. (I know, mixing my metaphors.)  And don’t think there isn’t plenty going on behind the scenes.

Can he have both his wealth and the powerful position that he fantasizes using to gain more wealth [and will the Trumps become the most fabulously wealthy and admired family in history? or has he lost his Midas touch?]?  Can he, will he, be denied?

Are we in for a Constitutional crisis?  I think so.

Keep the pressure on. I don’t think, psychologically, he can take the heat. He will have to get out of the kitchen. (Ah, the Lakoffian metaphors of ordinary life!)

He prides himself on not being a quitter. I continue to fear that he will crack up.

Best be ready.

[Update a little later:  I’ve been imagining for some time that surely things have to come to this, and I bet lots of people have been thinking it.  The situation just keeps getting (predictably) bigger and more clear.  The body politic is starting to gag, and T must be purged (or make us swallow our vomit).  But I didn’t know whether the House of Bush/Saud was engaged.  As for the Koch Bros (NLC), I don’t see how they can lose, and in fact I should think they’ll be empowered if T is pushed out.

And as for “behind the scenes”:  What is Putin thinking, and communicating, to whom?  Other governments…?

Still, at this point I have to think that with T as with Nixon, the Republican Party will make the decision; but this time the party is split and the politician is powerful.  At this point, my gut tells me that Trump hangs on.  Big bucks at stake.]

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