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Wot Wld Jesus Do (Seriously)

November 23, 2016

if he were Donald J. Trump? Why and how does that help us understand how to effectively oppose Trump?

I ask because Trump has told his followers that he is Jesus (i.e. America’s one and only savior, the only one who knows what is wrong and how to fix it), but he is not. That is, he made of himself a graven image, not only of Change and the Anti-establishment, but more important, of a set of “family values” that are shared by his followers—and, btw, by all the rest of us too, because in reality we are one family, one nation. In doing so, T built a set of expectations that he will not meet. It’s not simply that he will not return the Rustbelt to splendor, but that he will betray its (our) core values.

Those values, which have been violated by neoliberal, Libertarian, globalist, plutocratic, Reagan-Clintonite economic and social practice, are values that are recognized by humanity everywhere. They are affirmed by T’s and Pence’s evangelical followers, but in an authoritarian way—indeed their true authorities, God, Jesus, father, are the exemplars and champions of those values, except that G and J are not authoritarians (well maybe G).

In reality, Trump and his Republican enablers and collaborateurs are authoritarians; but in every way they are the antithesis of that set of family values. (Indeed, as liberals understand, authoritarianism and those values cannot co-exist, and thus: much tension in the evangelical life.)

We can effectively oppose Trump by (1) exemplifying and championing those values, ourselves, and (2) pointing out every violation of those values by T and the Rs.

On page 2 of this episode I’ll suggest what those values are.

But on this page I wanted to lay out the argument, and tell where I got it: I’ve just read this (long and) very helpful article by George Lakoff. (And if you read it, you’ll also see the likely relationship between what I call “archetypal patterns in the unconscious imagination” and the neural patterns in the brain that he refers to.)

Standing Rock Sioux

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