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Wot’s Up Wth Ths Novel?

November 22, 2016

Dear Reader – this tale was supposed to be over, on or about the night of November 8th, when the election of the next Dem president provided the plot line with a dénouement and an ending issuing in happiness and/or unhappiness “for men” (Aristotle more or less). But the seemingly Xtraordinary Events that culminated on that night have made it psychologically difficult for this narrator (not to mention the author) to quit.

If this were a Republican novel, our plot would have begun in 1928, with our nomination, for the presidency, of a highly esteemed engineer and humanitarian with no elective governmental experience, but an interesting mix of pragmatic and ideological views of appropriate governance that was not adequate to the economic disaster that resulted from previous Republican policies that championed elite wealth (wait, apparently this does not have a Republican narrator; oh well). There would be a sordid subplot featuring a certain “J. Edgar Hoover.” The plot would continue, through the establishment of the Republicans as a minority party, and their perfection, through a series of trickster figures in the White House (beginning with “Tricky Dick” Nixon) of minority rule within electoral democracy, to nomination of a highly self-esteemed businessman with no gov experience, and then the end of American democracy. But that’s another page.

This, however, has turned out to be a patriotic Progressive novel, and from that point of view there is too much at stake for one to easily close the manuscript and walk away. Both the narrator and the author sit aghast, having never seen anything like this (although having, to some extent, been able to imagine its approach).

So after many long, serious conversations while on break, the author has asked me to continue my narration, at least to the end of November. We hope that by then we’ll know clearly what we’re going to do. Meanwhile,

this is the novel: dénouements come and go.

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