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Was I Wrong?

November 9, 2016

Or was I wrong!  And President Obama lost his bet.

A lot of sadness among family and friends. I’m stunned. But I want to think about it out loud for a page, late at night, before this novel ends.

I think I was right about the potential for this election to be a revolution; but we got the opposite of the revolution that I was anticipating. I think I was right, too, about the lash on the back. Trump brought out the racists and sexists to whip us pretty hard.

The people of the countryside rose up and burned down all their barns.

I also think I’m right in thinking that, to paraphrase Huck, it’s got all the marks of a fascist party. There will be a Résistance, but right now I’m not feeling optimistic about it.

Seems like surely I’m right in thinking that the population will continue to change toward a POC majority. Global warming will get worse.

In view of global warming, maybe I can use the “perfect storm” metaphor. Trump and the Republicans represented a convergence of all of the psycho-pathologies of our democracy, along with a wave of anti-establishment desire for change. T gave the psycho-pathologized a focusing and empowering voice. They’re ugly. They will get uglier.

Will the Republicans be able to improve the lives of the Trumpite majority? Maybe they’ll become disillusioned about that; but they’ll still be racist, sexist, poorly informed, selfish, and foolish, maybe even more so, as they become more desperate.

Progressives have to push even harder to build a movement. Maybe we can out-vote the Republicans in 2018. I don’t know if any of the candidates that Bernie supported withstood the onslaught. If they did, maybe that’s a start on reforming the Democratic Party.

I also don’t see how liberal and progressive values can institutionally prevail, except locally; and Republican government (Executive, Legislative, Judicial) will make that harder and harder to sustain.

[Wrote this page late last night.  I’ll be adding at least one more page of agony over this.]

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