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Dreams 11-9-16

November 9, 2016

When I finally lay down in the darkness in bed, early this morning after the election results, I suddenly remembered two recent dreams that I had forgotten. Both featured a tiger. Maybe I had not been able to face them until I had to.

Four nights ago I dreamed that I was somewhere like a semi-mountainous part of India. People around me were doing various things, and as they left I looked out to the mid-distance and saw a Tiger (silhouette) walking in the air as if up a slope, but with nothing under it.   Then I could see that it was walking on a line, like a tight wire. I thought that I had better keep an eye on it, so I watched while it returned to earth and walked around some curves in a mountain rode until it disappeared.

Yesterday, i.e. just before I woke up on election morning (which I was very excited about, looking forward to an amazing victory) I had this dream:

I was somewhere in the countryside, with my dog, who was close by, but out in front of me. Suddenly, not far away, on the other side of my dog, a leopard emerged out of the grass. As it slowly approached my dog, which was large, with long hair, I could see that the leopard was going to try to kill and eat it. There was no sense that I could do anything to stop the big cat, although I did raise my arms in the air (as in an earlier dream), but with a sense that the attempt was futile. The dog stood and looked at the cat, which became a tiger as it reached the dog. The tiger then started trying to get close enough to the dog to bite it, by moving slowly, as if it was not dangerous, just another friendly and even affectionate animal. Meanwhile my dog was becoming somewhat like a goat or cow or wildebeest or such, mesmerized by the tiger, which was insinuating its head beneath the belly of its prey. As the tiger would start to bite (but still pretending to be friendly) my dog would step sideways just out of reach. My sense of it was that eventually the tiger would succeed.

At that point I woke up.

These weren’t exactly nightmares.  The first was more like a curiosity.  The second was emotionally troubling, but being awake I moved immediately to my excitement about the election.  Now I’m working on dealing with the results.  It’s touch and go.

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