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Black Horse Wisdom

November 9, 2016

The author shared this letter, recvd this morning from his friend, and French and yoga teacher, who is from Quebec. She says that I may “read it into” the novel:

 Bonjour Tom, 

je voulais simplement vous dire que je pense a vous ce matin. C’est un jour triste pour le monde entier, le triomphe de la peur, de la colere et de la desillusion. 

I went through the 5 stages of grief in one hour last night and continue to oscillate between anger, despair and wanting to find an escape somewhere… I still can’t find acceptance for now…and I am certainly not able to offer lovingkindness… I am just staying put and allowing this mixed bag of emotions to express themselves.

 I picked a tarot card last night. It`s a special tarot about horses. I drew the black horse. It said that the archetype of the black horse is our darkness. The wisdom of the black horse invites us to distinguish between our destructive impulses and the treasure hidden in our shadow. Black horse wisdom challenges us to step off the well-worn paths of civilized thought. It invites us to connect with our long-buried feminine principle. Learning to ride the energy of what can`t be explained involves courage. …But what appears to our conscious mind as darkness is simply the unknown, a fruitful yet formidable realm of untapped possibility. 

 I try to hold to that message. Perhaps there is hope that behind all this, and perhaps because of all this, we will be able to rethink the way we live and develop new ways to help each other. 

 I guess that you will have something to write about this too, when you feel ready for it? 


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