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What’s Happening? 11-8-16

November 8, 2016

Are you kidding me? You must leave now. Get out and vote. The end is nigh.

Evrybody Votes! Every body breathes.

Keeping in mind that concentration of wealth and power in the hands of “we the few” is as unhealthy in 2016 as it was in, say, 1776 or 1789.

This is a revolutionary moment. Potentially we are bringing to its end the reactionary movement, the lash on the back, that began in 1968, when the Left failed to elect Humphrey, peaked with Reagan, was knocked back by the Clinton-Gore election of 1992, but was re-energized for its death spiral in 2000, when the Left failed to elect Gore.

But we didn’t fail to elect Obama; and in his words, last night in Philly:

“I’m betting that tomorrow, most mom and dads across America won’t vote for someone that denigrates their daughters from the highest office in the land. I’m betting that most Americans won’t vote for someone who considers minorities and immigrants and people with disabilities as inferior, who considers people who practice different faiths as objects of suspicion. I’m betting that tomorrow that true conservatives won’t cast their vote for someone with no regard for the Constitution. I’m betting that young people turn out to vote because your future is at stake. I’m betting that men across the country will have no problem voting for the more qualified candidate who happens to be a woman. I’m betting that African Americans will vote in big numbers because this journey we’ve been on has never been about the color of a president but the content of his or her character. I’m betting that America will reject a politics of resentment and a politics of blame, and choose a politics that says we’re stronger together. I am betting that tomorrow, you will reject fear, and you’ll chose hope. I’m betting that the wisdom and decency and generosity of the American people will once again win the day. And that is a bet that I have never, ever lost.”

Look out!  The saints are comin’ through!

I’m so excited. I’ll be watching the returns with 4 daughters, their mother, 1 granddaughter, and assorted guys in the family. We anticipate cheers, hugs, and laughter.

With that in mind, my intuition:

Hillary 53; Sociopath 39; Johnson 4; Stein 2; Other, blank, or fill-in 2

53 Dem Senators

Either this plot arrives at a dénouement that makes sense the way it ought to, or we’re in for a long-lasting shock. In the latter case, I won’t be narrating a sequel, because I’ll be too busy with La Résistance, or painting somewhere in France or Italy, or trying to recover from a stroke.

Mes amis!  Dear readers!  To the polls!

[Update, late night:  Hmmm.  It’s going to be hard to trust my intuition again.]

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