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People, Get Ready!

November 7, 2016

There’s a train comin’. You know, you don’t need no ticket (altho in some parts you will need to show an ID that is acceptable to racists and other opponents of democracy), you just get on board! Let’s do this thing! Let’s make it like a commuter train in rush hour Delhi. Or le Métro, coming home from work, République to Buzenval. A turnout like that will stop the “Trumpites” in their Elephantine tracks.

Republicans have been spoiling for a fight for a long time, and now they’ve got a brawl. If they lose, they’ll continue to act out and to try to bully the nation, but they’ll be much weaker. And they know it.

I want to note, too, that we haven’t had an election like this one, with which to compare for guidance in prediction or polling. We haven’t had a woman candidate for president; we haven’t had so many women voting (including Republican women voting Democratic); or so many Hispanic voters; or (at least in recent history) a major party that explicitly threatens democracy itself; or a sociopathic sexual predator candidate (opposing the woman candidate, no less).

When Dems get out and vote, they win.

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