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A Huge Task Ahead

November 7, 2016

This page tells what it is. (Including the reader comments.)

I’ll just add a few questions. Is it an Okay principle of one’s life, to prosper by taking from others? Is that an Okay principle of an economic system? Is the current, neo-feudalist, capitalist mal-distribution of wealth a hint?

Does this help explain Trump’s popularity?

Is the Dem Party up to the task of addressing the economic future of all of the groups in this commentary, not only Trump voters?

What if it isn’t?

The Trump-Hillary competition turned this election into one in which the issues were personality (“temperament”), sexism, and racism. Those are all real and very important.

But now we’re going to have to address all of those other issues that Bernie wanted the election to be about. We’re going to have to very seriously re-imagine capitalism, including its archetypal fantasies, as a transition to something beyond it.

Update:  On the “popular demand for an alternative,” even to the Democratic Party.

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