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That Way Madness Lies

November 5, 2016

Can there be extreme if there are no boundaries? What is the term for the personality disorder that features complete lack of personal boundaries? (Hint: begins with T.) What is the term for an entire group of people who exhibit that disorder? (Hint: initials R. P.)

The Republican Mind has become a vast, vile wasteland, where 60 million voters wander through an endless night, hoping to return to their selves, led by a false prophet whose hair is on fire.

Madness lies in every direction.

Pursued by powerful women and laughing people of color (delusional projections of their sick imaginations), blind, angry, paranoid, amnesiac, and armed, in their fantasies they bloat and multiply.

Now they think they see a dawning electoral light. They flee in that direction.

Or, to be less goofily Victorian “poetic” about it, it looks to me as though this election has done wonders for clarity about American politics. Even granting the genuine economic anxieties of rural Rustbelt and Appalachian communities, we’re simply dividing into two groups: people who are okay with change in demographic and gender empowerment, vs. people who aren’t. Fascists are trying to exploit the latter.

Having more jobs will ease that tension. But then we’ll have to face major changes brought by climate and technology.

The madness lies in the direction of backward, not being able (includes willing) to adapt to change.

Now we get to see how many of those of us there are.

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