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That Is the Q (8)

November 4, 2016

Me: Less than a week to go. What are you thinking now about whether you’ll vote for H and whether you’ll stay in the party that you joined in 1960?

Author: It turns out that those questions are moot. The raging Q of this election is: How can we save ourselves from a Republican Party that has turned itself into the champion of all of the psychopathologies of our democracy, and into the vehicle for resurgent American fascism?

After we take away as much of their power as we possibly can, then we can push Hillary and the Democratic Party, to turn them into a means of reforming our society and solving specific problems.

We can’t get far enough fast enough, if we’re saddled with a Republican Party that has the power to effectively serve its anti-democratic, plutocratic masters.

Me: Wait, you’re saying that the Republicans have become The Party of classism, sexism, racism, xenophobia, addiction to wealth, propensity to violence, fundamentalism, authoritarianism.

Author: They won’t be satisfied with anything less. These are cruel persons, who present their cruelty as politics. They have clearly stated to the voters that those constitute their agenda. They have made domination the issue of this election. A Democratic victory will clearly be a victory over exactly those sicknesses.

Me: And did you say, “resurgent” American fascism?

Author: We developed our wing of fascism, along with the Europeans, in the 1920s and ‘30s. It was squelched by the failure of its economic ideology, FDR, and WW II. The fascist generation of the fathers of the Koch/Trump generation, b. ca. 1900, had to work long and hard to keep their movement alive; but they were rabid, greedy, became megawealthy, and succeeded.

Me: But, so, you are voting Hillary.

Author: I’ll cast a secret ballot; by in my opinion, we need to hit the Republicans with two mighty blows, a Democratic Senate majority and a huge vote for the woman whom they have created to be their nemesis. She will not be surprised by their scorched earth obstructionism; in fact they have already announced their intention, as an appeal to their voters. Nor will she go into office with an iota of naiveté about “bipartisan cooperation for the good of the country.” She knows better than anyone what kind of people Republican politicians are. We need to give her the power to crush them, even if they hold their majority in the House.

We simply must defeat these Republicans. Now. November 2016.

Me: Anything else.

Author: Practice our breathing. Breathe in, magic, breathe out, beauty.

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