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Democracy, Rebellion, Re-Alignment (2)

November 3, 2016

How ‘bout them Dems!

On Page 1 of this episode I imagined a Book II plotline from democracy through the Republicans to the dregs of their ancien regime. Now I’ll have to complete that by thinking critically of the Dems, in spite of my obvious bias. I’m not sure I can.

As I imagine a Book II, all the best action takes place among the Dems. Having won a resounding electoral victory, the Dems find themselves on the threshold of a 20-yr Presidential majority at the national level. They work to wrest control of the state and local levels from KBI, in time for House redistricting after the census of 2020, as the RP (KBI fascists + TPer racists) did in 2010.

All the constructive action happens among the Dems. We see women empowered more than ever before in recorded herstory. We’re rewriting history, and we don’t let the Republicans stop us. Time is on our side, both herstory and history; but we don’t have any time to lose.

Nor do we waste time fighting the Rs. President Hillary, with the active support of Progressive Voters (PVs), rolls right over them. House Dems make their obstructionist colleagues look like Obstructionists, obstructing the good of the people.

(Meanwhile, the Rs have to focus on internal conflict and on keeping the TPers riled up for the 2018 election. Some moderates from ICE might be drawn to the Dem Party, by Republican-lights from red states, like Bayh and Heitkamp.)

The Dems are loosely divided into two camps: the Establishment (DE), with an eye to the past, try to consolidate their former power into the present; and the Progressives (DP), who want our political revolution, try to take the party into the future.

DE and DP generally cooperate well, because it is in their legislative and electoral interests to do so; but clarifying clashes occur over actions by the President (such as “personnel” appointments) that favor monied interests in ways that the DP believes will block their agenda.

The DE agenda, somewhat overlapping the DP, is to support Pres Hillary in bringing into law her top priorities, and to defend her from the Rs.

The DP agenda is the same, and more, e.g.:

1) Work for further reform in the structure and operations of the party, in order to make it more democratic and inclusive;

2) Push the Pres to the left, certainly in terms of enacting the Party Platform, especially regarding climate change, universal right to vote, Big Money and tax reform, and infrastructure projects that provide jobs;

3) Prevent Congressional Rs from obstructing progressive legislation;

4) Build the Progressive wing of the party, at every level, by building a network of progressive grass roots organizations, and by recruiting and training top future candidates, looking especially to make gains in the 2018 midterm election, and;

5) Develop uses of the social internet and media that provide accurate information to people who have been receiving only right wing propaganda; and

6) Prevent military excursionism.

I’m thinking that both wings will be looking to extend and grow the Dem constituency, especially in states that are already trending from R to D. The party is in a good position to do so. Having Hillary in the White House will attract women to the party, especially women with college degrees. The DE will look to include more Hispanic as well as AA politicians and voters, and the DP will encourage that, especially among young POC. Bernie showed that the DP can attract young people in general. The DE will continue to court the monied class, while the DP will give more attention to economically troubled white folks in the Rust Belt and Appalachia.

While the Rs debate whether there should be no national government except for the Dept of Defense (maybe), or a central government that is useful as a tool for corporations to use for their profit, the Ds will look to strengthen the central government as a tool with which the people can govern themselves to their collective benefit.

Meanwhile the President will find it necessary to hold good on progressive promises in the party platform, and the Dem Party will slowly but surely transition toward the Progressives.

Ideally, as the Ds increasingly integrate their party, their constituency, and the nation, American politics will progress to the point at which all persons can make their individual voting decisions based on their individual needs and interests, without identifying themselves with groups based on artificial, stereotyped markers such as gender or color.

And ideally one or more parties will develop in opposition to the Dems, that are expressions of a well reasoned philosophy (such as Conservatism—page being drafted—or Pragmatic Anarchism—page with links to more) and that offer legislative proposals designed to benefit the nation. Theoretically, we might even evolve a judiciary that is primarily interested in equal justice for all.

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