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Y Not Like Hillary (4)

November 2, 2016

It’s going to take too long to build to my point, so I’ll start with it: co-existent with my point in (5) of this episode, that there is a widely shared, visceral, ineradicable dislike of Hillary that is so irrational that it must be psychological and without objective basis, there is also a legitimate, profound basis for dislike, that is rational: her hawkish foreign policy.

Now, in case you have time for reading, dear reader:

Isaac’s main audience, in his essay—cited in (2)—about why thoughtful persons of the Left should vote for Hillary, even if they don’t “like” her, is comprised of intellectual high-achievers (especially in academia). He attempts to overcome irrationality with a well-reasoned argument, especially regarding domestic policy; but the “Comments” include well-reasoned counter-arguments that explain why H’s views and actions can be considered so harmful that they elicit dislike of the politician. This is especially true regarding foreign policy.

Out of our memories of the darkness of Nixon and Kissinger comes an image like Vonnegut’s in Slaughterhouse 5. In the rain forest of Laos, a million or more farmers are exploding and burning. But miraculously, fictively, plaintively (as if in penance), enormous blossoms of fiery explosion re-implode into canisters that rise gracefully up into the bellies of great winged mother canisters, to be flown far, far away, to a base where they are carefully stored in dark, quiet rooms. Kissinger sits smiling in his home on Martha’s Vineyard. The Clintons are visiting. Hillary is learning foreign policy, real politik.

Now at this point it is important to point out that I don’t know if this idea of the Clinton-K connection is true. I’d rather it not be. But I’ve read, in a seemingly reliable journal (but didn’t record a citation), that K and the Clintons are friends and that Hillary admires K’s grasp of international affairs. Many of us on the Left share that impression, and consider K (with Nixon) to have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, including massive, indiscriminate, saturation bombing of peasants.

I remember, too, reading a report by a young journalist who, interviewing K, asked him about his war crimes. As I recall from the article, K ended the interview, telling the journalist that she cannot say such a thing to a former Secretary of State.

So, in the “Comments” responses to Isaac are memories of Vietnam-Cambodia-Laos, plus K’s role in the overthrow of Allende, plus H’s role in the betrayal of democracy in Honduras. For instance this comment:

I have friends who were refugees that escaped Kissinger’s operation Condor. (One, who as a 6 yr old, marched while holding Allende’s hand at every campaign procession.) I am also concerned with the half-dozen indigenous rights activists liquidated in Honduras by associates of Hillary….

These critiques are rational and objectively evidence-based, and, I believe, are appropriately accompanied by an emotive response of dislike for the political actors, as well as deep difficulty with casting a vote in support of this candidate.

Now I think I’m ready for page (5) and the unconscious fear at the base of the extreme but widely shared, highly irrational dislike.

[Pages (1), (2), (3) of this episode.]

  1. Bobbi Hall permalink

    well written and to the point…. who can say more?

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