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Diary 11-2-16

November 2, 2016

Dear Diary – After the summer drought ended, a bad one but I think not as bad as the summer before, in October it began to rain, and it kept on raining. It rained yesterday and it’s raining today. We do get our sun breaks, afternoons. One late morning I glanced out the window to the west and saw a complete rainbow arc, with another beginning to form, near the left base of the first. Suddenly the second was also complete! I ran to get my camera, but within seconds they were both gone. That’s how briefly conditions were perfect. Like justice with mercy.

I remember reading an article, a couple years ago, that predicted that an effect of global warming would be increased precipitation in the Pacific NW. And sure enuf, a record 10.05”. The old record was 8.96 in 2003. “Normal” Oct rainfall is 3.48.

I’m seeing mushrooms appear on my petite falaise of a backyard that I haven’t seen in my 10 years here. The air and the light are so soggy that the ‘shrooms might starting growing above the ground. But the temps are mild, and the sun breaks are doubly appreciated.

They’re predicting a wet winter too, and somewhat cooler, which would mean “snow, rain, wind, flooding, and landslides. A lot depends on elevation. The positive is full lakes and reservoirs.

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