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Hating Bill and Hillary

October 31, 2016

It’s Halloween, dear reader, and I want to just mention at this point that I’ve often imagined that the key to the psycho-pathological degree of resentment of the Clintons is that he was a promising young Southern governor (an invited guest of St. Reagan at a “State of the Union” address), who betrayed the Old South, and she was a Reconstruction combo carpetbagger and school mark, come south from New England to do good works such as “educating” blacks and poor whites. Southern racists do not take kindly to either type.

He defines Deplorable, and she is Irredeemable.

And they are married (and powerful, famous, and rich).  They are The Intolerables.

It’s like a box of matches in a gun powder factory. You just know what’s gonna happen.

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