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Coup d’État (American Style)

October 30, 2016

[Early Valuable update.  & more updates below.]

Using a mole within the Dem administration, the Republicans are attempting an “October surprise” to swing the election in their favor. Like a nuclear suicide bomber, the Republican Director of the FBI, supposedly a man of high political integrity, who supposedly was appointed to that position within the Department of Justice in a good-intentioned gesture of inclusiveness, has manufactured insinuations of a criminal, or at least highly irresponsible, act by the Dem candidate for Pres. He has published those insinuations against the tradition, wise political restraint, protocol, and advice of the DOJ. In doing so, he has risked setting a precedent of interference in elections, by the law enforcement wing of the Executive, just as did the Republican Justices of the Supreme Court in 2020.

He exploded his bomb by letter to chairs of appropriate Congressional committees, including a House Republican who has already announced that if Hillary is elected he will dog her like a baskerville hound, with investigations, the purpose of which will be to delegitimize her administration.

I’m thinking he saw a target of opportunity.

Here’s how ridiculously irresponsible this is:

“Comey [the bomber] . . . had literally no idea what was in the emails, no reason to think they’re related in any way to his investigation. What he did know was: The emails were not on Hillary Clinton’s server, the emails were not from Hillary Clinton, the emails were not to Hillary Clinton, and the content of the emails is completely unknown because Comey didn’t even both[er] to secure a search warrant before he dashed off his hugely ill-advised letter to Congress.”

That article includes informative quotations from an opinion by two former deputies attorney general (with link), and others.

C then had to write a letter to his own personnel, in the FBI, explaining his reasons for acting so foolishly.

A month ago a friend assured me that the Rs were planning an “October surprise” involving the Clinton emails. I’m guessing that she was entirely right, and that they thought they could swing the presidency; but of course they could not foresee the sexual damage that would be done to their candidate, by their candidate, before late Oct, or that that damage would extend even to a possible Dem majority in the House. The emails tossed by the bomber involve sexting by a Dem, a former Congressman whose wife is a top Hillary adviser.

I’m thinking that the bomber, realizing that the presidency cannot be stolen by the Republicans, moved nevertheless, with the hope of at least keeping the R house majority.

Some journalists are suggesting that C was naïve, or had gotten himself into a hot spot by his earlier actions re. emails, or was defending his reputation for nonpartisanship (with this blatant act of partisanship).  Me, I’m not buying it. C knows the neighborhood as well as anybody, and he knows how much is at stake in this election.

Comey is being a jerk, betraying the president who appointed him, betraying the integrity of his office and its personnel, and betraying his country and its democracy by placing his personal partisan interest uppermost.  If that turns out to be untrue, I’ll happily revisit this page and rewrite the narrative.

Here’s a clear explanation, by analogy, of one aspect of the wrongness of C’s act.

3 basic Qs for C.

How quickly C could clear things up (if he wants to).

But Hey, isn’t it great to be focused on sexting and emails instead of global warming or Citizens United or . . .

[Update early evening, also linked at top of page:  Here’s an informative and insightful appraisal of what was happening to Comey.

Later:  Did C commit a crime (violate Hatch Act) or merely abuse his office?  On C’s point of view, and why DOJ believed they could not stop him.  On C being pressured by anti-Hillary, pro-Repub personnel within the FBI.  Next day:  Congressman Cummings on the R congressional politics of it.  Comey double standard re. Russian interference.

10-31:  And what about Comey, Trump, and the Russians?  Dana Milbank’s take on the whole thing is plausible, at least for now.  I do think it’s clear that Republicans in the House, and the FBI itself, pressured C until he broke. The Rs who enabled Trump created this Comey misstep, Chaffetz is setting himself up for four years as Hound of Hillary.  Impeachment?  Pres. Chaffetz?  Hey.

11-1:  A well-reasoned take on the effect on what is at stake in this election.

Meanwhile, the FBI has started feeding the material into the high speed sorter.  11-4 Nothing from that yet.

Claims are fiction.  11-6:  And while the FBI is dithering, T can make these claims at his closing rallies.  But later that afternoon! the all-clear siren has sounded.  Director Comey has told Congress that there is no evidence of crime committed by Hillary.  Can we now get on with healing the nation, creating jobs, getting big money out of politics, and trying to save the planet from global warming?

But I do want to think out loud about something, in the interest of full and honest narration:  an attempted coup, wide world style, would not surprise me.  That’s how serious and crazy some people are, about preventing a Hillary administration.  Or another possibility is another bombing of a federal building or other installation, maybe an FBI office, McVey style.

12-20 Suspicions confirmed.]

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