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Trump and Child Sex Trafficking

October 26, 2016

Okay, this is ugly. When I signed on to narrate this thing I certainly didn’t imagine it would come to this. Maybe I should have. It’s not like this isn’t normal, for men in some circles.

This is about the Republican nominee for the presidency, and child sex trafficking. I bet it turns out to be true (otherwise I wouldn’t include it).  I hope it doesn’t. No reason to want us to go that low.

I’m putting this into the plot at this moment because this is when I heard about it, in this article and then this article (actually, I had seen a vague reference to this, sometime back, and remarked it but then forgot about it, so I’m not totally taken by surprise, just deeply saddened, and angry).

[Update, early next morning:  It’s vile.  It reminds me of Moloch/Mammon, as in Ginsberg’s “Howl,” god of wealth and devourer of children.  Probably it’s good to get this up into the light of day, into our full collective consciousness, where we can deal with it.  Not just Trump, who is a tiny instance, a homunculus, temporarily inflated.  I came across these articles late last night, after a day that included working on a couple more pages “Against Shame and Shaming” (which I’ll add soon).   Blame is appropriate, and so is anger, and corrective action.  I still think shaming, like demonizing, is the wrong response.

Anyway, I’m sick about it.  Don’t forget to vote.

Don’t forget to breathe.]

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