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What’s Happening 10-24-16

October 24, 2016

If you’re just now finding time to think about the election, welcome aboard. Just go ahead and vote straight Dem and know you’ve done a good thing.

If you feel like continuing to think for a while, here’s something important that’s also happening (in case you’re not already aware of it). In ND and other places, Big Oil and private individuals who think they own parts of the earth, and therefore can do whatever they want with it, are endangering the availability of potable water, desecrating people’s sacred sites, and violating international treaties, for profit. They are able to get away with that because they have sufficient financial and political power.

Those of us who were around in the ‘60s recognize the tactics, including attack dogs (fire hoses against the Water Protectors would be too ironic). Of course the corporate forces are now technologically enhanced. Sometimes the police get way overdressed, however. Probably to prevent individual thinking. Uniforms and military-style gear tend to blunt conscience. The big vehicles are scarier than cavalry horses, but it’s the same war. The Four Hundred Years War.

I’m thinking that a successful effort to stop them will require the power of an overwhelming number of people taking action at the sites. I’ll be surprised if, as in the civil rights movement, there won’t have to be mass incarcerations of demonstrators to mobilize sufficient public opinion. I think the nations (with allies such as ourselves) can get that done. If they do, then whether they win this battle or not, they will have achieved an historical turning point.

Warning:  this video is 16 minutes long (in case you’re in a hurry), but it’s tremendously informative.

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