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To Do Trump Justice

October 24, 2016

I’m afraid that the election will be over and I won’t have done Donald justice. So I want to try again. (It’s a chance of a lifetime.)

He appears to have no idea that he causes pain, or what it is to cause pain, or why that’s important. He gets it, that people think that people cause pain, and that they consider doing so to be a no-no. He knows, now, that some people say that he causes pain; but he knows that he doesn’t, and so he considers their motives. They are trying to cause him pain. It is very wrong for them to do that. They should be ashamed and punished, as they themselves say should happen to people who cause pain; so he is justified in inflicting punishment. Self-defense is entirely just.

Well now that you mention it, he does feel pain when people attack him. It feels like they don’t know who he is, they don’t appreciate him, they are trying to take something away from him, to be a bigger deal than he is. Hey he wrote the book!

He knows that people can sink low. They can be nasty. He can see that it’s because they are inferior, and they feel it when they’re around him, if he is not smiling on them.

He sees that often people aren’t being real, so they think and say that he is not being real. Or they say he lies. He never lies. He always says what he is thinking. His thoughts are very real, so they are true. Otherwise he wouldn’t be thinking them.

And what is reality anyway, if he isn’t thinking it? Reality is constantly shifting and is very negotiable. It must be negotiated, constantly, because it won’t stay still. If you try to concentrate too hard, you miss it. The best negotiator has the most reality. The important thing is always to keep himself in the best negotiating position to determine what becomes real. He sees that, all the time, in real estate. And in the most real television, reality television (which he does best, by the way).

He knows there are men who think they are better than he is. Not at this or that. Better. But how many of them have gotten millions of votes, from everywhere? They need to be shown how small they are. Like buildings in the shadow of his tower.

Because he is the best, and the best thing for people is him. He gives them the gift of his attention. If they want more, he’s willing to negotiate. That’s why so many people love him. He shows how much he respects them, with his willingness to negotiate with them, showing them that they are real to him. Nobody respects people more than he does, because nobody has so much to give them if they negotiate.

He is good for people. He enjoys them.

He sees that maybe he’ll lose this negotiation against Hillary, no matter how much he talks. That’s partly because some people are nasty, but mostly because too many people are unable to believe him. Too many small, selfish people are conspiring to rob him, and rob the American people of his leadership. That’s okay. He’ll negotiate something bigger.

[Michael Gerson makes a very good go at how big this is.]

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