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Pres Debate #3 (5)

October 20, 2016

Clarity, in a word. Trump will not commit to accepting the outcome of the election.

Clarity of choice when we vote.

Or you might choose, Class. Presidential. Relief. Breath.

Trump’s word is “maybe” (or maybe it’s “insurrection”). The actual word he used is “suspense,” as in where he’ll keep us. He will keep our democracy in suspense, until he makes up his mind whether to suspend it. So while he didn’t go full Joker, he reserves the right, and treats democracy like it’s his personal joke.

Setting aside Hillary’s total demolition (seriously) (but of course it helped that he self-immolated) of Trump, from beginning to end, the debate is worth hearing for an outline of her policy positions and for an overview of her presidential perspective, on matters domestic and foreign. Here are some of the Hillary highlights:

She cleared the air immediately, by declaring the Supreme Court appointments to be the defining issue of the election. She explained the difference they would make in peoples lives, speaking empathetically from her own experience, turning T’s past upon himself (as she did throughout the debate, baiting T and setting up opportunities for him to lie about things he has said on video) and disarming his “scare rhetoric.” She closed with the conservative position that government should not interfere in people’s private lives, especially in situations of extreme emotional pain for women.

This was the opening two minutes of the debate, and when it ended, Trump was toast and he looked like he knew it. He managed to contain himself for 20 minutes or so and then began his descent into finger-pointing nastiness. When he called her a liar, she did not flinch in the least; and she ignored his slanderous inventions.

Supremely prepared, as always, while tarring T with Putin, she added the feathers by sliding past the possibility that she is influenced by Big Money, including foreign donors.

I was happy to hear her declare solidly that she will not support TPP, as it is now written. Maybe she knows that it will be passed before her inauguration and therefore is a moot point. Or maybe we stand a chance of significant improvements before it is passed. She also declared that she wants to expand Social Security benefits, keeping the funds solvent by measures such as raising the income cap for contributions (another example of “going where the money is,” i.e. the wealthy must pay their fair share). She will not propose a tax increase on incomes below $250K (whew, I’m safe). Several times, she spoke with some emotion about the need to grow the economy.

Another of my favorite Hillary hits of the evening was when she declared that T thinks that belittling women makes him bigger.

I thought that one of Hillary’s most impressive moments came at the end, when the moderator informed the candidates that, although there was not going to be closing remarks (as there had not been opening), he was asking for 1-minute closing remarks anyway, to see how they would do. Hillary was masterful, concisely listing qualifications to be president, pointing up themes of her life-work, declaring that she will combat special interests, and promising to do everything she can do to make America work for everyone (and I thought that her tone was a request to the American people to give her this opportunity and help her get it done).

(I’ll omit the rest of T’s lowlights; but btw, “Bad Hombres.” Is he forming a new band, or just renaming his Junkyard Dogs?

  1. Excellent recap.

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