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Pres Debate #3 (4)

October 19, 2016

I’m thinking the most important fact, going into tonight’s debate, is that the American people (and the rest of the world) are rejecting Trump in landslide proportion. He’ll be lucky to get 40% (and keep Russia). If this is about becoming President, he’s a nonentity, a ghost of a man.

However, he and the likes of Bannon, Ailes, and Stone appear to have destructive post-election goals, and a potential following of some millions, so they still have to be taken seriously.

He has put Hillary in the position of defender of democracy and civilit. If he goes full Joker (which would not surprise me), she goes full-out President soon-to-be.

T will show no respect. At this point H need only show him respect as a fellow human, and one who is ill (as well as dangerous). She should not show contempt or condescension, and certainly not show any sign of shaming.

She should patiently and briefly, but clearly, parry his wikileaks, turn away from his childishness, and take every opportunity to move past him to her concern for the entire nation and her constructive vision for a prosperous future.

By all means she should speak out for women, immigrants, and everyone else whom T attacks. She should take every opportunity to expose his scare tactics, and she should staunchly champion the integrity of our electoral system, as he attacks it.

I’m hoping that she will emphasize how much is at stake with the Supreme Court appointments—especially for millenials!

I think, too, that she can still do us some electoral good by showing her “ordinary (but remarkably competent) person” side. I’m thinking JFK, and even moreso, Obama. But with the American electorate, that’s harder for a woman to do convincingly, because we haven’t seen that before, we don’t have models, and the sense of innate stature and potential isn’t a gender-given when she steps onto the stage.

But I think she “wins” the debate simply by being an adult in the room.

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