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Vote 4 Hillary?

October 18, 2016

I know, narrators are not enfranchised yet; but if I were a person, here’s why I would vote for H.

It has taken me a long time to reach the point of adding this page of commitment to a candidate other than Bernie or Elizabeth Warren. This essay by Chris Hedges, brought to my attention by daughter H, expresses many of my deepest concerns.

I can only vote for Hillary if I see her as a stop-gap, a half-way house but a place where we can gather our forces, an opportunity to end Reaganism and begin to build a Progressive bulwark against fascism (American style). Up to now, to my mind H has not offered adequate leadership in that greater struggle. But that might be a matter of style and perception. I realize that she is, by experience and maybe by nature, a very cautious and pragmatic politician. And she does seem to be a learner (after all, she began as a Goldwater girl). So, some interlocking reasons that will give me comfort as I make the mark:

(1) The only real way to repudiate everything that T and the Rs stand for (including their ties to proto-fascists and oligarchs) is to elect a Dem, and especially the Dem who is their sworn enemy, whom they have worked for decades to defeat and destroy. We must resoundingly and decisively defeat T’s attack on democracy, by giving H the largest possible popular vote.

(2) Bernie (for whom I caucused) says that the best way to promote a Progressive agenda is to elect H. I have not lost my knowledge that Bernie is an extraordinary person and politician. He is asking his supporters to continue to support him and his social democratic agenda, in the way that he believes to be the most powerful: to vote Hillary. A vote for H is a vote for Bernie.

And Warren is campaigning for her. And 50 Progressive economists have just published a letter supporting her. (To paraphrase Reagan: Don’t trust, verify, and apply full-court pressure.)

(3) I had the honor of voting for (oops, supporting, no voter fraud here) America’s first black President, and I want the honor of voting for our first woman President, which is, in itself, a huge blow to the Xtreme Right and to misogynist male psychopathy in general.  Certainly there’s no way I would vote against this amazing opportunity to empower women and the archetypal feminine, even to protest what I consider Hillary’s important negatives.

(4) We’re going to need the strongest possible Dem government, to withstand the Rs and try to heal the nation. Feel good about it or not, a vote for H is the direct vote for a healthier America. She’s the one who is the principle on our side of the divide. She’s the one who will be reaching out on our behalf, making our case for an America that, as she says, works for all.

(5) And finally, we have reached the point where we have gathered our pros and cons about Hillary Clinton, especially regarding what she has said (and not said) and how she has said it; but we have never seen what she can do as a person who is unchallengeably ensconced in the most powerful seat in the nation. We’ve reached the point where we must plant her there, and see how she blossoms, how she bears fruit.

This election is not about personal protest

H is a Centrist, long at the center of the Dem Party establishment; and both of those traits include alliances with Big Money individuals and corporations. So it is not surprising that she appears to both Conservatives and Progressives to have some serious flaws. For me the Q is, to what extent can we push her or pull her to the left? I wish I felt completely sure about it. I’m willing to give it a try.

Just as this struggle was “not about Bernie,” so it is not about Hillary. She is going to be our President. This is no longer about me and my personal protest. This is about empowering ourselves by empowering Hillary against the Rs, and then using all that power for the common good.

Everybody votes!

[4 Johnson?, Stein?, Trump?, Abstain?, What election?

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