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Vote 4 Johnson?

October 17, 2016

R. U. Kidding. Me?

I hold Libertarianism in disdain, almost to the point of contempt. I’m biased that way.

When I considered taking this narrator gig, sort of like being a ghost while writing, I wondered whether I could work with this author, so I read everything that he has written (even his poetry, good lord). I was happy to find that I agree with his thoughts about Libertarianism (for instance).

To sum up: (1) most important, such extreme individualism denies both community and democracy—so much so that to vote Libertarian within our democratic community of governance is a self-contradiction; it’s a vote 4 oneself.

(2) in theory and practice L is so unrealistic that it is irrelevant;

(3) as a political movement in America, L (like the tea Party) is a financial creation of the Koch Bros (NLC) and the ilk, to serve their self-centered industrial and political interests.

[Trump?, Stein?, Hillary?, Abstain?, What election?]

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