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Dream 10-17-16

October 17, 2016

A group of 10 or 12 people had left a town, by wagon (ca. 1830) to travel through hilly, wooded countryside to another town, about 40 miles away. We were watching them from above, somewhere near midpoint of their journey, as they descended a long hill. At the bottom there would be only a short flat stretch of road, and then they would have to climb the next hill.

But at the bottom, a blizzard fell upon them so fast that they did not even reach the ascent before they were completely snowed in. They did their best to keep warm, but before long they all froze to death.

Then we watched a group leave town via stage coach—six passengers plus the driver and the guard (“riding shotgun”). When they began their descent of that steep hill, a deep male voice said to us, out of the air, “Yes, this is Reality TV. In this show, the travelers do not know whether they will reach their destination alive. They know that there might be a challenge, somewhere along the route, which they will have to work together to overcome. They have a long list of possible challenges.”

When the coach reached the bottom of the hill, they were surrounded and taken captive by 40 or so Indians. This was done peacefully. One man rode up first, and gave the driver a piece of paper on which was written, “You will be surrounded by my people. If your guard fires at us, he will kill one or two of us, but we will kill all of you. On the other hand, if you surrender, you can become members of our tribe.” This messenger pretended that he did not speak English, so that he could listen to the group’s deliberation.

They decided to surrender peaceably, although with great trepidation about how they would adjust to living in another culture. A young woman passenger and a young man among the local people caught each other’s eye, and she decided that she might be happiest as she adjusted to her new life if she became friends with him.

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