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Pres Debate #3 (2)

October 16, 2016

Let’s not. Too much risk of damaging our democracy, certainly the current conventions of our election process; T should not be given a national stage on which to pitch his “rigged” con (and the national networks know perfectly well that it is a con, and a dangerous one); little good is likely to come of it; we don’t need it, in order to be better informed about our choices; and we shouldn’t be forced to endure it. Let’s just not.

Instead of the debate (or even if it happens), I would like to see both candidates, but especially Hillary, give a series of 4 major policy addresses to the nation about what we are facing, and how best to face it (thereby exhibiting the quality of their leadership in facing it). 30-40 minutes/topic would do (H could do it off the top of her head).

Trump could exhibit how intellectually and morally bankrupt he is, to the delight of his committed voters and the chagrin of anybody else (but nobody else would have to tune in).

Hillary could speak from the heart, offer a millennial vision of a relevant Democratic administration, and present herself as a major agent of change, on the scale of FDR.

Topic #1) Global Warming, the changes we are undergoing and the changes that we must make. That would include what is happening to the old energy industries, and how we must and will, as a nation, invest in those displaced workers.

#2) Wealth Imbalance and Redistribution, including getting money out of politics. H could make it totally clear that she understands the nature and magnitude of this problem—indeed she would be informing many Americans of how immense it is. She could make it clear that this situation simply cannot be tolerated, and that as President she will lead the nation in taking significant steps towards a re-balancing, especially by rebuilding the middle class.

#3) Job Creation, within proposals for the economy in general, such as better trade policy, new energy industries (and how to train workers for these new jobs). H could show the nation that she is very much aware of people’s problems, that she knows what to do, and she is intensely committed to improving the lives of people who are fearful.

#4) National Historical Demographic Changes. H could flat-out explicitly describe how our population is changing with regard to the patterns to which the nation has grown accustomed. She could explain what a good thing that is, and how we certainly have nothing to fear. There is room for everybody. Let’s embrace the vitality. (Trump, not so much.)

Of course these topics overlap, but that’s okay, because not everyone would be able to watch every speech, and it would be productive to tie them together for the larger picture.

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