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Impotence Re-Empowerment Violence

October 16, 2016

I can’t imagine a Trump loss without violence—individual, small group, maybe even large scale, spontaneous and organized, public and domestic, random and targeted, mainly targeting women, and minorities, especially Muslims. I’m afraid that we’ll see it increasingly as we approach election day, and then it will spike that night (including domestic abuse) and for some time after.

I was thinking about that, and at the same time wondering why Trump’s avid and rabid supporters continue to lionize a man whom the rest of us can see is a con, a loser, and a loon.

I’m thinking that the common thread is that they see in him a promise of their re-empowerment. They dare not give up hope.

I’m not referring to everyone who will vote for T. Some Republicans will do so because for them he represents the party that is best for them, some because they have learned to hate H, and some because their pastors and husbands tell them to. It seems that there is (or are?) 35% of Americans who say yes to any “conservative” proposition. It never fails.

I mean his supporters who are increasingly typified by the crowds at his rallies. The Kool-Aid drinkers, who have to have their fix, and who will destroy themselves and others, including family members, rather than admit to themselves that their leader might not be their messiah.

The two major explanations that I’ve seen are racism/sexism and economic desperation. Those unite in reaction to broad demographic changes, relatable by T to job and income loss, thus immigration, and thus even terrorists among us (apparently being imported by H, with whom the Republican elite is in cahoots).

But I’m thinking that this comes down to white, working and middle class males who feel weak and ineffectual, or fear that they might be weakened, or might soon be seen and treated as weak. They’re the ones I’m worried about. [On another page I’ll give examples, as soon as I can draft it. I’m having trouble keeping up with the pressure of events.]

Once upon a time they felt confident in their power, and the worth that it guaranteed to them. But that power has been taken away and given to others,

who do not recognize their innate worth, and with whom they must compete for the diminishing means of a decent life.

Trump will take back that power, and give it back to them.

And what about the Trumpster himself, who presents as both a symptom and an agent of dis-ease. The man is 70 years old. I don’t care what size his hands are, he’s on artificial life support, in the form of prescribed chemical enhancers. Imagine what that must be like for him, given what we know of his obsessive-compulsive fixation with sexual male prowess and predation. How can he get his fix, how can he keep his power, if he is not a star? And how better to be a star than to be President of the United States?

But that was never within his reach. Now, ineffectual himself, he must delegitimize every institution of governance, and every individual who holds power, especially power over him.

Unable to con the people who have no interest in believing him, and unable to subdue them in a quasi-peaceful manner such as intimidation, he must enlist an army of followers whom he can incite to violence, even commanding violent treatment of opponents at his rallies, and demonstrating his personal use of force against inanimate objects that displease him.

(That’s my contribution to the theories of what he’s in it for. To a lot of men for whom personal power over others is life, a daily dose of sex, in one form or another, comes with the territory, and the territory has no boundaries. They can’t imagine life without it. Gross.)

In American democracy, we believe that every individual should enjoy an adequate sense (as well as fact) of reasonable, hopefully adequate, political power. Democracy empowers individuals to look out for themselves, and to stand up against the power of oppressors. That’s why we have it. That’s why we’re going to keep it.

Whether we can put it into words or not, we know that that is the fundamental fact of our national existence and personal identity as
Americans. The Decl. of Independence and the Constitution put that into words for us, including the 2nd amendment. For some, especially the 2nd Amendment.

Countless numbers of men have died insisting on that.

In the minds of Trumpsters, that was all working for them, especially for them, and rightly so. Then something happened. Something changed all that. Government was corrupted by international crooks who are using it to thwart democracy, to belittle true Americans, and rob them of their dream.

Will there be blood?

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