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What’s Happening Oct 15

October 15, 2016

Is this the moment we have mostly all been waiting for?

If you are just now beginning to pay attention to the election, you have saved yourself a lot of revulsion and angst. If the election were held today, and everybody voted, Trump would not stand a chance.

The Republican Party would be overwhelmingly repudiated, at the presidential level, and we would be watching the returns to see how significantly they were being turned out of office, on down the ballot. Within their party, publicly they would be wallowing in blame, while behind the scenes they would be fighting for ownership of the scattered pieces.

And indeed, that’s what is happening today.

As Donald and the Republicans (a new white blues band—nobody knows the troubles they’ve seen, with words by Steve Bannon) go lower and lower, Democrats are rising to the occasion and beginning, like Thoreau, to follow the “higher laws” and “wander into higher and higher grass.”

Just when it appeared that the issues would be swamped in a personality contest between H and T, the central issue of this campaign emerged: the competing visions of humanity, Progressive v. reactionary, in the concrete form of the existential equality of all persons, of whatever gender or nongender, but especially regarding the equal personhood of women. (Here’s a summary of the way that unfolded.)

A few days ago we had a liminal moment, standing on the threshold. Today we step into the open air. We had a cleansing rain during the night; this morning is sunny and mild, with a sweet breeze, as H turns her attention to healing the nation.

But we’re watching a predictable sturm front, to see how violently it will develop and which way it will turn. The coming days could see storms, with local outbreaks of lightning.

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