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October 14, 2016

Tout simplement. If you have not viewed Michelle Obama’s speech in NH about women, you simply have to (or at least the main part of it).


So, since we have all heard her words and watched her deliver them, there is no need and no point in my paraphrasing that eloquence. The incarnation of beauty, truth, and good, all one, as it speaks from the heart’s imagination to the heart’s imagination.

But I do want to respond at this moment in the plot, from the present narration’s archetypal point of view; and I’ll subtitle this page:


Michelle declared that persons need no longer flee from the sun and turn themselves into laurel trees, to avoid being groped.

She envisions that with the election of Hillary, a victory to which women hold the key, can come the dawn. We’re standing on the threshold and we’re leaning out the windows waiting. Women and girls are bringing the light.

And thinking of keys, no more soulless Bluebeard, or Redhair, tricksters with their secret roomfuls of bones of their brides. No more of those imprisoning secrets. No more lying to oneself or others about oneself. No more self-imposed or other-imposed silences. (Yep, Estés and Rich.)

And we could go on and on, in this mythical moment (but I want to post this page).

I noted, way back when Hillary announced, that this was going to get ugly. I failed to imagine that it would be this beautiful.

[10-16-16: Anne Perkins column in The Guardian.]

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