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Mein Drumpf

October 14, 2016

The transcript of Trump’s speech in West Palm Beach FL yesterday (10/13, the same day as Michelle Obama’s in New Hampshire) should be published as a pamphlet and DVD with that title.

This Trump speech helps one understand why his supporters believe him, and believe in him, what they will be voting for, and why they help him whip themselves into a fury. I don’t think I fully understand yet, but:

This is his con. “Believe me….I deliver.” Believe my story of your betrayal (as if you are Adam and Jesus) and how quickly I can fix things, and suddenly you will see, like Saul become Paul.

It’s a goofy messianic vision of history (as I’ll rephrase it): a Golden Edenic America, lost through the total corrupting influence of the “crooked Hillary” (his phrase). He is our savior, slandered by the scribes and Pharisees. He didn’t have to do this, but it’s the Fullness of Time. He is our suffering servant. America will rise up like Lazarus.

He does weave a tale. Here’s how it works:

To convince his marks, he begins with genuine, serious, recognizable problems, especially of the economy; and he comes back to those at regular intervals, sounding factual, reminding his marks that they are aggrieved as never before in history, and sounding sympathetic. When he is ready to strike fear into their hearts, he turns to ISIS, which he will crush.   Then he ties together the domestic and foreign with immigrants.

The First Cause of all problems is Hillary, and her global conspiracy to rob Americans of their freedom. Her influence is so pervasive that no agency of the American government can be trusted. She controls the media, who say that H is ahead, when in fact polls are showing a tie or T ahead. Remove her, remove all sin.

“They are trying to destroy our movement….They would stop at nothing to try to stop me….The depths of their immorality is absolutely unlimited….The corrupt political establishment is a machine, it has no soul.” He lies by exaggeration to ramp up the sense of urgency and of his importance. But, “this is reality…the whole world knows it.”

His cause is a noble one. “We will help millions of people who are so desperately in need of help.”

But, “They have betrayed our workers…borders…freedoms. We will save our sovereign rights, end the politics of profit,..rule of special interests,..raiding of our jobs by other countries, disenfranchisement of the American voter and the American worker.” (You see, he has a point.)

He gives no details or policy proposals.

“This is our last chance to save America and our freedoms.” We’re together (his word) on a crusade.

Oh, and those accusations of sexual misbehavior? They’re all “pure fiction” (nice phrase) invented by the people who want to destroy him. But their stories so obviously don’t hold up (as T retells them).

Anybody who wants to believe T’s interpretation of our troubles will believe it, and anybody who believes it should be very upset.

But why do these people want to believe? [Update 10-16:  My theory.  And here’s a good analysis of maybe why/how they are able to believe.]

Je crois qu’ils ont bu du Kool-Aid. Mais pourquoi? Je me demande.

He delivered this speech from the teleprompter, interjecting his signature, narrative embellishments, asides, and witless witticisms. Surely it was written by Steve “Breitbart” Bannon. He uses the word “existential.” He quotes Hamlet, contemplating life’s trials and how to end them: “Nevertheless, I take these slings and arrows gladly for you….for our movement.” T’s mission of suffering is like Jesus combined with St. Sebastian. Mark Twain would have done a wonderful job with Trump as a character, some place on the banks, or on a sandbar or shipwreck, of the Mississippi, below St. Louis.

[Here’s a similar take on it.]

[In stark contrast, Michelle Obama on the same day.]

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