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Pres Debate #3 (1)

October 13, 2016

If it happens. If I were a betting narrator I’d bet against, insure, and short it. The only reason I can see for having it is the media investment in the spectacle. Even then, few people would be watching along with me—unless something can be whipped up to make it tantalizing. Sex, anyone? Old news.

Everybody wants this thing over and done with.

It’s scheduled for the 19th, less than a week from today. By then it will be more than obvious, especially to Trump supporters, that he cannot win. And the Dems will take the Senate and Supreme Court.

I don’t see how Trump can show up. I don’t see how anybody can let him show up, except Steve Bannon, who will be hungry for blood. Something to explode the inevitable (or from his point of view, the Republican elite).

But what can T do in another debate, except be what has become his totally predictable self, which would damage him even further?

Better to blame Hillary and the media and stay off of national television (yes it’s come around even to that). Too real.

If the debate does happen, I hope Hillary will find a way of speaking comprehensively, from the heart, of her understanding of what people are up against, and her vision of what we can do, together, to help. She should move to leave Trump behind. Unreal. Irrelevant. It’s Kindness Time.  Time to be kind to each other and to ourselves.

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