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Dreams 10-11-16

October 11, 2016

I dreamed these two immediately before waking up this morning. They seem like variations on a theme—whatever that theme might be.

(First) My wife and I (thirties with children) were living in a small town or suburban neighborhood and needed to buy a new house. One was advertised that we liked from the outside, so I went to talk with the agent representing the owner. She was a woman in her twenties, at work in a department store with a small restaurant. She was maybe 50% fluent in English, seemingly having recently immigrated from a country such as Guatemala.

While we sat on a bench outside the restaurant section, she explained that the owner of the house was difficult to contact and unpredictable about when he would sell the house, or even whether he would sell it.

As we talked, she developed a problem with one eye, as if something had gotten into it that was causing pain and tears. (There was a general sadness about her, and I had the impression that the owner of the house was troublesome for her too.) I saw that one of her long lashes of the eye near me, her left eye, perhaps was the problem, and I gently straightened the lashes out. She was fine then.

A co-worker came over, to tell her that it was time for her shift behind the counter. She said goodbye and went to work.

(Then) In a setting similar to the first dream’s, maybe in another section of the same town, my high school football team was going to have an afternoon practice session, and I was bringing them water. However, when I reached the yard outside the building, they weren’t there.

Instead, a young man was there, who seemed to be having a problem. I gave him some water and asked if I could help. A small, white, rabbit (seemingly someone’s lost pet) hopped over to us. The ground was like summer-baked clay, with no grass for it to eat. I picked it up, and pointed out to the young man that it was very cuddly.

When he agreed, I realized that he could not speak English well. But his wife appeared, and her English was fluent enough, with a Central American accent, that I was able to understand that they were having a dispute with their landlord. He would not allow them to pay their rent, and they feared that he was preparing to turn them out. He was inside the building of the yard that we were in, but he would not allow them inside.

I accompanied them to the door, which I was able to open, and we started to step into an office where several people were working; but the landlord (a “white” man in his fifties) quickly stepped over and tried to push the door closed, to prevent us from entering. When I pushed back, he stepped back and we entered.

He was upset that I was there; but I explained to him, calmly, that I bore no antagonism towards him. I had just now met his tenants, and while I wasn’t very familiar with the details of the dispute—certainly not who might be to blame for it, I thought I might be able to help both parties in resolving their situation, amicably and beneficially. He seemed to acquiesce, and he somewhat reluctantly accepted the circumstances.

[Because this page of the ongoing dream episode seems to me to have happened in the immediate context of the episode about the second presidential debate, here’s a link to a preceding page of that episode.]

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