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What’s Happening / Oct 3

October 3, 2016

Donald Trump is done. It’s just that nobody can get him out of the toaster.

I worry now that he will burst into flame.

He’s going to be feeling more heat than any candidate in my long memory, and I think his ego may be too fragile to withstand it. His support system seems to be entirely incapable of enveloping him in sanity: his family seems to live in his delusion, his campaign is staffed with vicious media manipulators with destructive agendas, and his Republican colleagues think only of themselves and whether he is useful to their ambitions.

In the first debate H made a remark, almost an aside, as if between the two of them (they’ve known each other for some time), which I think is of the essence (and I suspect that she thinks so too): “I know you live in some other world, Donald.” He’s like a mirror Sartrean who believes not only that he was born into a moral void and he creates its morality, but that the world was born out of a void along with him, and what he wants becomes its morality.

There was speculation that he didn’t’ really want the presidency, because he certainly didn’t act like he was serious about it. But I think he wants it very much, he is a true believer; it’s just that he doesn’t know what it is. He truly believes it’s him.

But his lies cannot survive his relentless attacks. His fiction is untrue. Fewer and fewer readers will be willing to suspend their disbelief. The remnant will be those who have so deeply abandoned hope that they can live only in his alternative universe.

And among those are his craziest readers. Already he has incited violence and suggested that violence is justifiable. When they come to the last page, and their protagonist has lost, will they be able to quietly close the book?

There can be no suspension of the plot line. Like the narrator’s antagonist it is doomed to unravel until its appointed hour, early in the evening of November 8.

Meanwhile we practice our breathing and encourage everyone to vote.

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