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3 Dreams 10-3-16

October 3, 2016

I was a college English prof, mid-career. My dept chair had arranged for me to read some poems in one of his classes, where he would also be hosting a colleague from England. My wife, mother, and grandmother (mother’s mother) had come to campus for the reading, and we were waiting, in my office, to be called to the class.

I decided to find the classroom, to see if it was time for my reading, so I went looking through the building; but I couldn’t find the right room. I spent some time in a class, in session, on anthropology, linguistics, and mythology. There was confusion about the exact subject of the course, and at that moment the class was discussing the nature of words, and what the word, “word,” means. A young woman offered a very good insight, which I praised as I left the room [and which I’ve forgotten].

Finally I found my dept chair’s class. While the students talked among themselves, he introduced me to the visiting English scholar, and the three of us traded very dry witticisms, including advice on what to say during an impending job interview with the Pope [all of which I’ve forgotten].

That dream seemed to transition into another in which I was a younger faculty member moving into my new office space, in a very old academic building. My office was a large room off the hall, with doors into smaller, inner offices. It was evening. The only furniture in my office was a bed. I slept through that night, and the next day a woman came in, who was a colleague with one of the inner offices. She was very welcoming, friendly, and funny. She spoke English with such a strong accent that, really, she was often speaking in her first language, something European. While we talked and laughed, several more office mates came in, each very friendly and speaking in a heavily accented English with a different first language. I thanked them all for being so kind as to speak English with me.

That dream then transitioned into a third, in which I was in a large room of a large old house, with a woman who was a relative or colleague, and a lot of other people. The other rooms of the house were equally crowded. Outside, the near landscape also was filled with crowds of people, all talking in different languages and all waiting to be told when they could move, in their groups, to a safer place. There was an agent directing traffic. I looked out of the door of the house and told the agent that I was ready to drive away with my group whenever he gave the word. [Surely the language element of these dreams has its origin in my reading, yesterday, about the kesselgarten, in the article on Trump’s immigrant grandfather in 1890s NYC.]

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