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What’s Happening 9/28

September 28, 2016

In case you’ve just picked up the book and are dipping into the plot on page 841: you’ve started reading at an exciting time. What has seemed to be a tight race because of Hillary’s inability to pull away, just got blown open as H put on a burst of speed and Trump tired, tripped on his own flaws, and fell onto the gravel. He’s desperately trying to get back on his feet, but it’s too late (it was always too late; we’ve just been waiting patiently for this moment).

I know the post-debate polls aren’t in yet, and a debate win or loss doesn’t often make much difference, because it comes so late in the campaign that most voters have already made up their minds. But there are two major differences this time: (1) the R candidate is less than totally unqualified to be president, he’s a clear and present danger, and people know that, and (2) the D candidate, who is one of the most qualified ever, simply needed to look like she has a warm, caring heart, is honest, and has plenty of good ideas.

She did that (at least to an adequate extent—I think that she still needs to touch the naked voters with her smile, and I think she will do that in the second debate if there is one; I say “if” because I think T conceivably will collapse, mentally and/or electorally; he’s in trouble, the pressure will only increase, and he’s mental/emotionally fragile).

I’m thinking that, by 11/8, no more than 1 in 4 women will be able to vote for Trump, and many women, in all age groups including millennials, will be aching for the chance to vote against him, by voting for a woman.

We might be heading for a record % of voters actually showing up. The Dems know that they can still lose if they don’t get their voters out, and they are making a huge effort.

Meanwhile the Rs are doing everything that they can think of, Constitution be damned, to use their control of state governments to suppress the Dem vote. T notoriously does not have a strong national field campaign; but he doesn’t need one, because (a) the Koch Bros and their Ilk are pouring millions of $$$ into R GOTV, (b) the Rs control so many state and local govs (including the polling places and the vote count), and (c) T’s strategy is to scare a whole lot of desperate people so much that they can’t stay home.

So even if you’ve just now started reading, I hope you’re excited enough to get out and vote!

Oh, and if you don’t read a page more, be sure to READ THIS.

[Update same day:  One example of Koch funding of a candidate.

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