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Debate #1: Hillary

September 26, 2016

Like its opposing page, on Trump, this page is fiction.


Hillary has spent decades, years, months, weeks, and now the past few days preparing for this debate, this face to face, on equal terms, with Republicanism.

She knows who this specific example is, and the grave danger that he presents to the nation and the world (including his financial and cyber alliance with Putin).

Barack has given his advice: “Just be yourself.”

But who is she? She is remarkably smart, remarkably experienced. She’s been there—she’s been everywhere. She knows the predators and how to deal with them. She knows the terrain as well as anyone who has not been President. She holds the high ground.

It’s Monday afternoon, and she’s done it all. She’s ready. She sits back and closes her eyes.

She sees. She is the person who will be the next President of the United States. She is Hillary Rodham Clinton, a woman, who knows who she is. She likes it.

She’ll have no more of the wearisome, no more grimace of the personally ironic. She smiles to herself. She is going to nail this blowhard.

More important, she is going to tell the American people how she feels about them and what she wants to do to help them with their lives. She will relax in the gift of their attention. She will talk with them. She will laugh, spontaneously. She gets it. She is going to have fun.

[Next day]

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