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You Lie! Quite Often

September 25, 2016

Old news, but “You Lie!” is a major episode, and I just have to include this.  On average, a lie every 195 seconds during 5 hours of speaking.  The episode began with pages in August 2012.  Just think how many lies have flowed over the damn (sic) and under the bridge since then.  There’s a long list in the category, “lies.”  It’s one manifestation of that psychopathology, falsification.  No wonder so many Americans are confused about what is reality.  If I’m lucky, this page brings the episode to a close (although the lying, of course, will continue; it has become compulsory among Republicans).

[Later same day;  Ho Ho.

11-4-16;  It’s their MO.  They simply believe that in politics the end justifies any means.  And their goal is not truth.]

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