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Y Not “Like” Hillary? (1)

September 25, 2016

I’m asking in general because I have to ask myself.  For me it turned out to be a good Q, and here’s the first part of what I found inside me.

If you tell me that a candidate is “strategic, shrewd, well prepared and ready for anything,” likely I’m thinking the candidate is a man; “calculating”—likely a woman.

And every woman has had, ipso facto tipsy curvy, a “credibility problem” since Eve talked with that snake. In Adam’s fall, we learned, all.

Prejudice. It’s psychopathological. A powerful woman in politics is confusingly out of her place; the image is so “psychically” wrong that it’s phobic to the amygdala, it’s creepy, it inspires fear, hatred, or dislike, or at least discomfort, in many men, and some women (and btw, I read too many remarks by Hillary fans who deeply disliked Bernie, and discredited him, because they saw him as a man who threatened a woman’s opportunity to become president—although I would not attribute to them the venomous sexism of many males).

Add to those millenia, the decades of Republicans telling demonizing lies about Hillary, which activate defenses like toxins in the gullible, who are legion.

The other day I accidentally clicked again to the page with the stark, b&w film clip from Afghanistan. The men had dug a round pit, shoulder deep for the young woman. They walked up to it and threw large rocks at her head.

I don’t want to see that again, but I don’t want to forget it either.

Frankly that explains a lot of the Hillary “unfavorables.” Many of those unfavorables are among the deplorables.

But wait, ain’t I a woman?  Yes and no.  I mean that these things are deeply confusing, we’re all vulnerable on both sides of the coin, including me although I ain’t skeered, mostly.  Best to get it all out of the pit and up into consciousness, so we don’t throw that shadow.

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