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Trump & Fascism (AS)

September 25, 2016

Dear Reader, I failed to imagine that the antagonist who would emerge in this very plot would be the fascist (American style) whom I knew could come. I forgot that the key distinction between American and European fascism would be that the leader would be an American, first and above all.

Had a Koch stood on the stage during the Republican debates I would have gotten it. A scion of the Lost Generation of American fascist industrialists. But without TV, I had not known Trump; and so I underestimated the clown, as well as the authoritarian personality of so many Americans.

Trump is a Gargantuan fart. From that elephantine pit in the underside of the American body politic waft all the psychopathologies that historically permeate and threaten our democracy:

materialism (privileging wealth before soul);

exultation of the individual over community;

classism (our residual desire for aristocracy, plus the authoritarian personality’s desire to be The Leader, or to be led);

the con (essential falsifications including sexism and racism);

religious fundamentalism (including misogyny, elitism, punishment, shaming);

exceptionalism (Edenic virginalism and denial);

tendency to violence and know-nothing solutions, with its inability to perceive the difference between life and death, or to understand the overwhelming difference that that makes.

I may be leaving one out. But Trump gets them all. That’s Fascism (American Style).

The imagination is sick and the soul writhes in agony.

Now, don’t forget to breathe.

[9/28:  A good example, reported in WaPo,  of T’s use of the con with his marks:

Trump’s false claim that he opposed the war in Iraq got taken apart at the debate, but at a rally late yesterday, Trump found an easy solution to this. He asked the crowd:

“Does everybody believe me, I was against going to Iraq?”]

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