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Must Read: Progressive Hillary

September 24, 2016

For me, this changes everything (maybe not entirely, but a lot)—it offers genuine hope. This article suggests that Hillary is a Progressive, or at least is progressive. The argument is well supported; but what especially makes me take it seriously is this remark by one of my fave progressive economists, Jared Bernstein:

“I’m having conversations with people who are on the campaign, with her policy staff, and finding myself on the same page where that wasn’t always the case,” says Bernstein, who has been advising Clinton. That’s partly because there are more liberals in key positions than in Democratic campaigns past—and partly because the centrists sound more like liberals these days. “We’ll see if it sticks,” Bernstein says, “but this is a little inspirational to me.”

Bernstein was Joe Biden’s economic advisor, he experienced the Obama tilt to conservative advisors, and he has continued to earn my respect. Add that to Bernie’s endorsement, and at the least, it looks to me as though Hillary can be pushed leftward. She would not be an impediment to progressive thought and actions, in government and throughout society. With a lot of work, by 2020 we could see—i.e. we could accomplish—the social and political revolution that would end Reaganism as the American default mindset.  And squelch racism.

How big is that?!

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