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What Is a Race War?

September 23, 2016

Also known as “race riot,” lynching, police violence in self-defense, all lives matter, black face, Texas rangers, KKK, keep in your place, 2nd Amendment, paterollers (here’s one), privatization of prisons, birth certificate, beautiful wall, poll tax, voter fraud, poll watchers, What’s Going On in America Today, . .

a race war is when a population identifies itself symbolically by its skin color and persistently attacks another population that it also identifies by (an other) skin color.

In America, the “aggressor” (quoting Woodrow Wilson) identifies itself as “white.” They most often identify their victims as “black,” but they also use other symbolic colors.

The purpose of a race war is to control the lives of the assaulted population, or to entirely remove them from society through intimidation, murder, impoverishment, deportation, . . .

Descriptors include murderous, cowardly, arrogant, vile, vicious, mad dog, mob, ignorant, Republican politics, fascist, psycho-pathological, Donald Trump, . . and fukt.

Warning: First identified in that moment when Columbus stepped off the boat and onto that island, in America their pathogen has been a leading cause of death and loss of democracy.

It is a major psychopathology of American democracy.

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