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Born Whiiiite, White As a . . .

September 22, 2016

Sing it!   White as an angel?  White as the drifting snow?  As an American?  ?  ?  ?

Paul Waldman nails Trump’s birthist message to any Person of Color who thinks of stepping out of their place:

“We can’t mince words about this. Trump’s entire birther effort was racist in its intent and racist in its execution. He didn’t keep pounding this myth because he’s so stupid he actually believed there was some question about where Obama was born. He didn’t have his doubts raised by the investigators he claimed to have sent to Hawaii to ferret out the truth — indeed, there’s no evidence he actually ever sent anyone there, even though he said, “They cannot believe what they are finding.” He didn’t have doubts about Obama’s birthplace when he expressed them in 2011, or 2012, or 2013, or 2014, or 2015, or 2016. He kept up the birtherism all this time because he saw that he could use racism to his advantage.

“If you’re wondering why Trump gets zero percent in some polls among African American voters, this is the reason. The entire birther crusade, but particularly Trump’s leading part in it, isn’t just about Barack Obama in particular. It’s an unfathomably cruel and dispiriting message to send to African Americans. It says to them, no matter how smart and hard-working you are, no matter how much you achieve, no matter how carefully you make yourself unthreatening to the white majority, no matter how deftly you manage to move through the most elite institutions in America and dazzle everyone with your talents, you will still not be accepted as a genuine citizen of this country. You could become president of the United States and they will literally demand to see your papers, and even when you give in to this vile demand they will still deny that you are American.”

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