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Bi Establishment Comes Together

September 20, 2016

You know what, today feels to me like a watershed moment–news that O will campaign big-time, GHW Bush will vote for Hillary, NYTimes calls T’s lies “lies”—I think the Bi-partisan Establishment has decided that T simply MUST be defeated, and it is going to close ranks to do it.  Normal Rs and Ds prefer to battle each other than to have to muck around in the America of a T presidency.  Better oligarchy than fascism. Keep it in the family. I think they can swing the electorate.  GHWB’s support says to a lot of Rs that it’s okay to vote for Hillary, and in fact important to vote against T.   I’m guessing that GHWB is who H has really been after, with her courting of Rs (yesterday Gates blasted T, like John the Baptist preparing the way for Papa Bush, former President, V P to Reagan, Director of the CIA).  Add campaigning by Bernie and Warren, and this could be one of THOSE moments in history, when the elite stepped forward and saved democracy and the republic (frankly, I didn’t think they would do it).

[Update a few hours later:  Or maybe that was just wishful thinking about Republicans, on a beautifully sunny morn (the sun is still out though).  It will be interesting to see how it shakes out on election day.

9/21:  I’m still in a wishful mood.  Here’s a nicely Modernist visual that maybe suggests that the worm is turning.]

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