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Treasonous and Mentally Ill

September 17, 2016

“Let’s see what happens to her.”

Trump isn’t just inciting to violence, he’s inciting to assassination of a person who is likely to be elected President of the United States.

Saying this, when you are a presidential candidate, also demonstrates a mental illness that is beyond my ability to clinically name.

This is a madman.

And he is putting the Republican Party, the national media, and the citizenry of the nation to the question of what public behavior they will consider tolerable, how far they will allow him to go, in making a mockery of our civil society, our democracy, and our individual, personal morality.

Trump clearly has inadequate personal boundaries on his public behavior. He is aware that others have such boundaries and consider them a requirement for human community. He does not want us to impose any boundaries on him; and if we allow him to continue, he will keep right on pushing, until we bow to him in total humiliation.

Anyone, but especially anyone in politics or the media, who does not push back, is an enabler and a collaborator. (Here’s looking at you, Mike Pence.)

We’re witnessing the corruption of the body politic by the self-appointed Individual, the Super Man, and his party. We’d best see what we can do about it.

[Like father like son.]

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