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“to decide who we are”

September 16, 2016

I’ve gotten the results of my Nat. Geographic genome project swab. You guessed it, some Neanderthal, no North America.   Mostly Brit, a lot of Viking (Scandinavia), some Jewish Diaspora (in Europe). No Africa, no Asia. So now I have to decide who I am.

I’m a freaking American, just like I thought.

I liked Hillary’s response on 9/15 to T’s media fest about whether [at long last, sir] he admits that Pres. Obama was born somewhere in America:  “We need to decide who we are” [emph. on “we”].

Earlier, Pres. Obama had said,

“I know there are a lot of folks who have this notion of what the ‘real America’ looks like. Somehow it only includes a few of us. But who’s going to decide who the real America is? Who’s to determine that in this nation of immigrants — in a nation where unless you are a Native American, you came here from someplace else — that you have a greater claim than anybody here?”

And that’s the point. The concept of membership in the American people allows us to decide who we are. Nobody has to be pure Neanderthal in order to be an American, with all the rights and dignity accorded. And nobody has to be pure Aryan. Luckily, nobody has to be pure. It ain’t in our genes.

Now we get to decide whether we affirm that self-identifying concept.

[Update, same day:  Sooo Trump.  Cast doubt, keep the lie going, get attention.

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