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Dream 9-16-16

September 16, 2016

As I began to awaken, still dreaming, I realized that this one had been going on for a long time (as it seemed).  I was still dreaming, and what turned out to be the last image came to mind. It was a word, visual and auditory: “pleurons” (we are weeping, we weep). Then I was just barely awake, and I forgot everything that had come before that image. But I thought, “sous les arbres” (under the trees).

How far back does that image go? That pattern in our imagining of life—50,000 years? 1,000,000?

The dreaming/waking moment had the feeling of being prophetic. Well that’s a sure thing, but it’s not much more helpful than casting chicken bones, or watching which direction the birds are flying (good images, in their own right).

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