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You Lie! About Hillary Care

September 15, 2016

I know, it’s just one more in the long long line of lies, dating back to “I am not a crook!”; but lest we forget that attempting to put reality up for grabs is a major Republican strategy, on this page I’m noting Ivanka T’s lie:

Appearing on Fox News on Tuesday evening, Ivanka claimed that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton doesn’t have any plans when it comes to childcare and paid leave. “There’s no policy on Hillary Clinton’s website pertaining to any of these issues, childcare, eldercare, or maternity leave or paternity leave for that matter,” she said. “There’s no policy that’s been articulated on how to solve the problem.”

That’s except for the three pages cited in the article.

But this is a matter worth lying about, if you’re a Republican, because these kinds of care are very important to people with the economic worries that Trump’s potential voters are feeling. And their fear of being forgtten and left behind.

And for most of those folks, such worries transcend color prejudices.

I’ll note here, too, that The Con (the con man, the lie, and the mark’s vulnerability) is one of the psychopathologies of American democracy.

It was a triumph of Republican pathology when they projected themselves unto Bill Clinton strongly enough to impeach him for perjury and obstruction of justice (instead of sexual harassment).

[Update:  NYTimes compares Clinton and Trump plans:

He proposed requiring employers to give six weeks of maternity leave … New mothers would be paid the same amounts they would collect in unemployment benefits if they had been laid off, which is usually a small fraction of a person’s normal wages and varies enormously from state to state … Mrs. Clinton would require employers to give workers up to 12 weeks of leave to care for a new child, guaranteeing at least two-thirds of their regular salaries. She has said she would pay for it through higher taxes on the wealthy. Her plan, unlike Mr. Trump’s, would also cover new fathers. And unlike him, she would also guarantee paid leave to care for a sick family member.

Time Mag on Trump child care plan.]

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