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How Hillary Can Win

September 15, 2016

And it’s the only way. (1) Get Out the Vote, (2) Get Out the Vote, and (3) Get Out the Vote. Plus (4).

(1) Southern AA voters assured H of the nomination, mainly because they appreciated the Bill Clinton’s acknowledgement of their humanity and their needs, and because they considered Hillary the more likely Dem to protect President Obama’s “legacy.” O must do everything he can get AA voters to turn out big-time, as if they were voting for him.

(2) Although many younger women primary voters did not support H, women are the major source of votes to elect our first woman President. H and other Dem women candidates, especially Warren, and Dem women political groups, must get women to come out and get that job done.  [Update 9-21:  Ad aimed at young women.]

(3) Although many Bernie supporters will find it hard to vote for an oligarch, even if a Dem oligarch, Bernie must get his supporters to turn out just as big as if they were voting for him. As he has said, progress towards a Progressive majority depends, first, on keeping the Republicans out of the Executive branch and thus off the Supreme Court.

Actually: (4)(a) (Somehow, given our corporate media) communicate to economically anxious white folks that Hillary acknowledges their humanity and cares about their needs, the way Bill did for black folks.

The people who are hurting are like these folks:

While the economy finally is moving in the right direction, the real incomes of most American households still are smaller than in the late 1990s. And large swaths of the country — rural America, industrial centers in the Rust Belt and Appalachia — are lagging behind.

[Update:  “Talking to people, rather than down at them, might be a good place to start.”  (I think the audience reported here probably is representative of t voters who are going to be swayed, but the point is well taken.  “Deplorable” is not a working class word.)]

(4)(b) Hold down the Trump vote by (somehow, given our corporate media) getting word out, to millions of potential Trump voters, of what a scam artist he is, how corrupt he is, what a national security threat he is, and how much he would hurt the economy (thus job growth). If his voters simply get disillusioned and stay home, Hillary wins, and so do many Dems down-ballot). For this reason, I’m fantasizing a Dem “October surprise” exposé of Trump (if the exposure can be held back that long, even given our corporate media—it’s a huge story when it comes out). Think fraud, fraud, and fraud.  [9-20:  and corruption.]

Or, “Huh?

But the Rs have learned the value of getting out the vote too:

Koch Bros (NLC) putting $$$ into GOTV. They know how big this election is for their interests.

Dark Money Network (NLC) will buy themselves a Senate (unless Dems turn out and turn that spending into a waste.

And for comparison:  “How T Can Win.”

[Update:  Polling snapshot 9-14-16.  I see where Obama/Romney was closer than this, in the polls, shortly before election day.  Get the vote out!

And for the nightmare scenario:  voters come out – T wins electoral college – chaos.

9-17:  O is on it!   9-18:  Sher Watts Spooner says women are getting the job done (be sure to read the long quot. at the end). 9-20:  O is really on it!]

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